I am an intelligent predictive bot that…

~ engages employees at critical intervals in their lifecycle from interview through exit
~ predicts when employees are going to leave and why
~ evaluates the mood index of the company to manage productivity changes
~ empowers management to retain top performers by prioritizing and creating an action plan

My name is Amber.

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"Interacting with [Amber] is done so well, it feels human, it feels natural, it feels like I am talking to someone who is listening to me"

Terri BresenhamPres. & CEO, GE Healthcare - SHS

Transforming the employee experience into an actionable organizational strategy focused on increasing engagement, retention and productivity.

How does it work?

Measure and Manage Employee Engagement

Get started by engaging employees at critical intervals in the employee lifecycle from interview to exit.

Explore Amber:  your AI based Employee Engagement Assistant

In 2018 everyone hates surveys…and rarely completes them!

Let Amber take charge of this in a humanized and personalized way. She will interact with your employee at selected intervals via chat. She will evaluate employee sentiment and be encouraging and empathetic.

Predict and Intervene to Retain Top Performers

Amber creates a high level HR dashboard that highlights key facts in order to evaluate, prioritize, predict and act!

The reports highlight the overall mood of the company in order to gauge productivity shifts.

Another report will show which employees need to be met and predict which will leave and why so you can intervene and retain top performers.

Integrates with HRMS